Tiny Hedgehog

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Tiny Hedgehog Stickers

Here is your new Friend from Sticker-Art! Spiny is humble, kind and maybe a bit shy but mostly a lovable hedgehog!

Spiny the tiny painted hedgehog is a very emotional animal. He is sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, sometimes a sleepy head, definitely adorable and loves coffee. He is a hedgehog and he has a lot of spines but he needs your love and wants a hug although. Spiny has good friends especially Ms. Cacti and Mr. Beer but he hopes you would be his friend too. He is always ready to help you in your everyday communications, because he is so emphatic and easily adapt to your mood.

Finally this lovely hedgehog could live with you and travel with you in a sticker pack and you could express your daily feelings easily with a single touch of a cute hedgehog.
Release Notes: Traditional Chinese version added.

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