Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run Stickers

Stickers from Super Mario Run, which is now available on the App Store.
Show off your feelings with Mario’s expressions, or use items to decorate your conversations to make them look like a scene from Mario's world.
By adding a cap or mustache to a photo, anyone can be Mario!
Release Notes: This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Compatibility with Korean.
  • Just a fan ★★★★★
    I’m. a huge fan of Mario and love the stickers but could u also make Kirby stickers?
    By sjusososjs for Version 1.2.1
  • The app icon disappeared after may 26... ★★★★★
    It's gone...
    By tombhgyfgghf for Version 1.2.1
  • Update??? ★★★★
    I’ve been using these stickers since their release, but it would be really nice to see more added… AND some animated ones. (it’s “funny” how all the stickers in the 8-bit Mario and Yoshi packs are all animated—and, with more variety—but none of these are.)
    By 🐯 The White Tiger for Version 1.2.1
  • Me and my friends use it a lot ★★★★
    I love it and I use it a lot. However, I do think it needs more stickers!
    By Zelda fan 2020 for Version 1.2.1
  • Cute stickers ★★★★
    Clean and cute stickers but they need to add more characters and body positions/styles, etc.
    By Maxx180744666 for Version 1.2.1
  • It got me hooked up with a lot more of the stuff that was on my phone obviously 🥰 ★★★★★
    It ok 👍
    By colton the games for Version 1.2.1
  • Awesome! ★★★★★
    This is good, ignore the haters! Keep up the good work, Nintendo!
    By lschwarz06 for Version 1.2.1
  • nice stickers ★★★★★
    works really good
    By mikegamer555 for Version 1.2.1
  • Haha ★★★★★
    By Haboogi for Version 1.2.1
  • Perfection ★★★★★
    Finally I can censor my friends like Chinese censorship
    By REAL 100% DABABY for Version 1.2.1
  • More stickers plz ★★★★★
    I will add more stars if you give us more stickers.
    By ghhddhjyf for Version 1.2.1
  • Good, but... ★★★★★
    I absolutely LOVE these stickers! They are perfect for everyday conversations, and they just look great! I just have one thing too suggest: Add. More. Stickers. There are very few, and I would love it if there were more! Thanks! 😂😍😎🥸🥳
    By Idaboss!Minecraft for Version 1.2.1
  • Daisy? ★★★★
    Can you maybe add more characters or stickers? This is a really good game overall and me and my brother have a really nice time texting with the stickers!
    By Emu🟣25 for Version 1.2.1
  • I love this 100% ★★★★★
    It only has a few stickers but what it is so great
    By Duo's greater for Version 1.2.1
  • you have to have the different color Yoshi like the plushys ★★★★★
    Good but needs to have a little bit more Yoshi
    By A pack 1 billion for Version 1.2.1
  • I love it! ★★★★★
    So when I saw this I was like, “I have got to get this!” So I did! And I don’t regret it, because when I use it it’s always so funny and I love using the motor stickers so much! Great app Nintendo!
    By Cecilia Camacho for Version 1.2.1
  • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁mario stickers ★★★★★
    I ❤️ stickers that are 🆒 and 🆕. Please make more. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 I sometimes use them for 🎁s, 🧸s, and 🍪🍪🍪! Keep up the good work! From ILove🍕
    By ILove🍕 for Version 1.2.1
  • Can you please make this on other apps instead of I messages ★★★★★
    This is my only complaint
    By Launchpad59 for Version 1.2.1
  • Won’t Redownload ★★★★★
    I love the stickers but it won’t let me redownload them when I switch my phone.
    By EnderJackson for Version 1.2.1
  • Outstanding. ★★★★★
    DUDE I LOVE THESE STICKERS AND THEY ARE SO AWESOME! I could suggest something though. I wish there were nore characters in these stickers but overall they are amazing 10/10
    By Andrewfyes for Version 1.2.1
  • Mario ★★★★★
    It stick it good
    By Gaster711 for Version 1.2.1
  • About the reviews… ★★★★★
    I don’t usually write reviews, but please don’t go off track. (I mean these are Mario run stickers. Pauline and Rosalina are not in Mario run.).
    By Lopez Seb for Version 1.2.1
  • Pls help ★★★★★
    How do you delete this app icant idk how do i pls help it has been on my phone for 1 year and i need space
    By rookie6526 for Version 1.2.1
  • Amazing ★★★★★
    This is very good. I use this to talk with my friends because they love Mario I absolutely recommend this to people hopefully it gets better reviews than some people. ✌️
    By Absolutelymariofan for Version 1.2.1
  • Love the app however how do you delete the app? ★★★★★
    So I just got this app to send to people for fun and then decided to delete cause it didn't work in messenger so I tried finding the app and I just cant delete it, If you can respond that will be amazing thank you for reading but please give information if you have any advice.
    By its.eevee for Version 1.2.1

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