Stock Moji


Stockmoji - Funny & Awkward...

Stockmoji is here to cheese up your chats!

There are some awkward, funny, cringey and ridiculous stock photos in existence - and now you can use them in your chats.

- High quality, funny and awkward stock photo stickers

-Funny, awkward, cheeky, cheesy - a stock photo sticker for every scenario!

- More awkward stock photo stickers and emojis added all the time!

TIP: Stockmoji is an iMessage app, and is accessed inside the Messages application, once downloaded.

How to use:
- Tap the iMessage App Store icon next to the message entry field (sometime hidden behind a grey arrow), in the Messages app.
- Tap the "four circles" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
- Here should be a list of all of your iMessage apps and Sticker Packs. You can either tap stickers to send a large version, or tap and hold to "peel" them to stick on top of other messages!

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