She Life


She Life

She Life is a collection of over 200+ chic and quirky hand drawn iMessage stickers perfect for life’s special occasions and daily shenanigans. Great for convos with girlfriends and loved ones!

Features a big mix of illustrative stickers including...
• food/coffee/sweets
• nature/weather
• travel
• special occasions
• seasons
• sports
• everyday tasks
• and more!

• hand and face emojis
• phrases

Constantly updated with new phrases and illustrative icons!

Please make sure to visit the "app support" page (link on the review page) for info on how install and use the stickers! Sometimes they don't show up right away and you have enable them in your app manage settings :)
Release Notes: This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.
  • Obsessed! ★★★★★
    I have the She Life, Holiday Pack and the New Mom pack. Super easy to use and the definitely make iMessage look cute. Can you please make a dog life?? Preferably one with a toy red poodle haha
    By Ninjakari for Version 1.0
  • NA ★★★★★
    Hi, I just purchased this and it works perfectly. I almost thought that it won’t show up after reading the past reviews. Thanks for the app! Works nicely and super cute ❤️❤️
    By Msqqqqqqqq for Version 1.0
  • Update needed ★★★★
    Great app but there hasn’t been an update in a while and it would be nice to have some new stickers.
    By kaydi_kayds for Version 1.0
  • Love! ★★★★★
    The first sticker pack I've purchased that I didn't regret. Tons of stickers, way more than any other pack I've seen. And ALL of them are perfect--I use it like crazy.
    By RayHollister for Version 1.0
  • She-wiz! ★★★★★
    I've found the perfect stickers that express how I really feel :-)
    By Davecom24 for Version 1.0
  • Cute stickerd ★★★★★
    Cute but needs a search especially since its not free
    By MsBAshley for Version 1.0
  • Like it but need search function ★★★★
    I like the designs but it needs the search function.
    By Jkloves for Version 1.0
  • LOVE IT ★★★★★
    so glad i found it , i truly enjoy it😍
    By F.L.C 99 for Version 1.0
  • Useful and fun! ★★★★★
    They're great. I wish they were searchable, but they're still wonderful.
    By Karesmile for Version 1.0
  • LOOOOOVE THEM! ★★★★★
    I use it everyday. It has the everyday essential stickers plus a lot more!
    By Brightdaykimi for Version 1.0
  • Favorite Stickers ! ★★★★★
    I love stickers, but this is my favorite stickers app ! Totally worth it !!
    By Jpooh88 for Version 1.0
  • Pretty ★★★★
    I love these stickers. They are very pretty. However, since there are so many stickers, I wish there was some sort of search bar in the top so I can find the sticker that I am looking for faster.
    By martinezmerlin for Version 1.0
  • Cute! ★★★★★
    Love these!
    By amarillofever for Version 1.0
  • My favorite sticker pack! ★★★★★
    I LOVE these stickers. Please make more!!! To those saying that the stickers aren't showing up, it's not their fault. Go to manage at the top of the screen and turn them on to activate them! No one stole your money -_-
    By humbleravenclaw for Version 1.0
  • Sweet ★★★★
    I see where some have not been able to access. What you need to do is under the Reviews tab is APP SUPPORT in blue. Select that and then select faq's. it explains. It's right there under your nose. 😊
    By Allthewaytothemoon for Version 1.0
  • Great! ★★★★★
    These stickers are great but confusing I thought it was an app because I read reviews saying it didn't show up I wasn't going to buy it but! It's actually installs into your messages stickers automatically so it's even easier and ready to go
    By Mmdroza for Version 1.0
  • Adorable! Love these stickers! ★★★★★
    By Lola7lovesdietcoke for Version 1.0
  • Perfect! ★★★★★
    I absolutely love these! They are perfect for my every day texts. So cute and easy to use. 💛💛💛 Thank you!
    By Megan2527 for Version 1.0
  • Very cute and adorable! ★★★★★
    I LOVE these! So adorable and perfect for my every day life situations!❤️ Definitely recommend and very user friendly. An app does not automatically appear on your phone, you need to go to your sticker section and enable them. 👍🏻
    By Kesadler for Version 1.0
  • In Love 💗💗 ★★★★★
    I love these stickers so much!! Make sure you enable the app in the manage menu. Mine didn't appear at first either, but I quickly realized it was user error 😬. Can't wait to use these all the time!!
    By Mandy5264 for Version 1.0
  • Love This! ★★★★★
    Love the stickers so much! Unlike other stickers, this has a lot of selections and quotes, and the design is super simple and pretty ❤️
    By DeedeSM for Version 1.0
  • LOVE them!💕 ★★★★★
    There so many I highly recommend! At first I thought they weren't showing too but you just have to ENABLE them in the sticker manage tab 😄👌🏻
    By TravelGal' for Version 1.0
  • Tons! ★★★★★
    So many great stickers, and will actually use the majority of them, unlike most sticker packs I've purchased.
    By hlk33 for Version 1.0
  • Pleased with Purchase ★★★★★
    Tons of stickers included! Lots of fun images and phrase options 👍🏼
    By T_in_Cali for Version 1.0
  • great stickers! ★★★★★
    Big variety
    By Mudshock for Version 1.0

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