Use these 45 hand-drawn stickers from artist Rik Catlow (rikcat) to add panache to your messages. A combination of emotive icons, text expressions and objects that will make your communications fun. Thanks for supporting an independent artist. Have a blast!
  • Great artist maxing out a medium ★★★★★
    Most original sticker pack. So fun.
    By mcsection for Version 1.0
  • Cat's Out of The Bag ★★★★★
    Great artist, great emojis, lots of fun using them on unsuspecting friends.
    By scottopher for Version 1.0
  • Use 'em all the time. ★★★★★
    Add some style to your messages by grabbing this well designed sticker pack. Fun and functional. I use 'em all the time.
    By Purposemaker for Version 1.0
  • Original, Unique and Fun ★★★★★
    Loving these stickers. Rik Catlow is one of the first top-tier illustrators using this platform, but there will be a lot more to come.
    By BigHowdy for Version 1.0
  • Very Cool ★★★★★
    Excellent artwork
    By Don9922 for Version 1.0

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