Retro Emoji


Retro Emoji

Throw it back to your flip-phone days with these original emojis guaranteed to make your friends nostalgic. You can send these stickers on their own or peel and place them on any message bubble in your conversation.
Release Notes: Updated to support the latest iOS and iPhones.
  • Few options, not dark mode compatible ★★★★★
    Pls make them show up in dark mode
    By Dæłÿñ for Version 1.3
  • Perfect stickers for so many use cases ★★★★★
    This pack has some quality stickers. Definitely recommend getting the bundle back. I use the stickers all the time!
    By willi310 for Version 1.3
  • So few ★★★★★
    I still find myself copying and pasting from my own little collection rather than using this app simply because this app has so few emoticons. Don’t recommend.
    By Vulgar demos for Version 1.3
  • Retro Emoji Rocks! ★★★★★
    Love these sooooo much!!
    By Inowknowmyname for Version 1.2
  • Bringing retro back ★★★★★
    All the best oldies in one new and improved sticker pack.
    By Landon Cole for Version 1.1
  • Edit: opened app ★★★★★
    Really cute. Wish there were more tho !!!
    By Vackerman for Version 1.1
  • Fun stickers ★★★★★
    Love these!!
    By Srkf32 for Version 1.1
  • Emoji ★★★★★
    Great sticker pack and update is even better!!
    By Scubadiver911 for Version 1.1
  • Awesome pack ★★★★★
    Great update to an already great sticker pack!
    By blerns3 for Version 1.1
  • Classics ★★★★★
    By Cicie B for Version 1.1
  • Name should be changed ★★★★★
    These are not emoji, they're emoticons.
    By sarkxs for Version 1.1
  • Got these for free before they started paying them... ★★★★★
    Great sticker pack! I was lucky enough to get his for free before it was sold for $0.99! Great Jonathan b in the emojicons... I always use this sticker pack on my group chats! :D
    By Jonh Munoz for Version 1.0
  • Takes me back!!!! ★★★★★
    These are sooooooo dope. Thanks!
    By Raginggrandma for Version 1.0
  • YASSS ★★★★★
    Favorite stickers so far! Perfect and simple.
    By Alibunnnnny for Version 1.0
  • This is so clever! ★★★★★
    These are called kaomoji and they are fun to make with your keyboard, but having them as stickers is such a cool idea! Nice work ^_^
    By m0nt0y4 for Version 1.0
  • Can't down load :( ★★★★★
    By Super Star Gio for Version 1.0
  • Very retro ★★★★★
    These are cool beans!!!👾🤖😎🤓
    By IbisAunt for Version 1.0
  • Amazing and Fun! Please more! ★★★★★
    This is a great sticker pack me and my friend has been posting almost every Donger (Lenny) faces on every message. Please more faces! All I ask for
    By DongerBreadMan for Version 1.0

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