Pick Me Up Book


Pick Me Up Book

Sometimes life can be stressful or sad and admitting that is like, not a big deal and not something to be embarrassed about? Sometimes you just need a little PICK ME UP!

For this sticker pack, I took some favorite illustrations from my illustrated journal and made them available in digital form as stickers you can send when you need a little sympathy or want to cheer someone else up.

Obviously you can't draw on these (you'll need a copy of the real book for that) but these little guys might end up taking a life of their own in the new and creative ways you'll use them. Hope you like them!
Release Notes: This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.
  • Love so much! ★★★★★
    Relatable ❤️
    By 🌱lilSprout for Version 1.0
  • Help ★★★★
    I'd love to use these, but I can't get them to install on my keyboard or get them to show up anywhere...?! I've searched and googled to no avail...
    By Skeeter/738 for Version 1.0
  • The Best Gifts Come In Tiny Packages!!! ★★★★★
    These little stickers are absolutely perfect!!! Me saying this means a lot because I haven't written a review in the App Store since owning an iPhone. I love these stickers because they may seem small and simple to some yet they have the potential to make a huge difference in someone else's day. Taking the time to send one of these stickers could make a powerful impact, especially for those experiencing hard times, having a bad day, or just struggling to get through life itself. I know this because I am one of those people and receiving one of these stickers would make me feel supported and cared about. I recommend this sticker pack to everyone! It will help provide you with a new perspective and positive attitude that you can pass on to others just by using one of the stickers while texting. How wonderful is that?! Get these stickers if you need a smile, want to give one, or BOTH!!!😁😄😊
    By Dee13xo for Version 1.0
  • literally me ★★★★★
    these stickers say exactly what i'm thinking, before i even realize i'm thinking it. where have these been all my life???
    By sarahjeanalex for Version 1.0

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