Monster Maker


Monster Maker Mega Pack

With Halloween just around the corner, It's time for all you cats to get back to basics and join the Monster Squad!

Make mad monsters with the Monster Maker Mega Pack stickers for the all new iMessage.

Millions of possibilities to create and share with you friends and family.

The Monster Maker Mega Pack will inspire and delight you and your peeps.

Boo! Yah!

How it works:

This is an iMessage App. Open iMessage, start a text to someone, tap App Icon next to text input area, then click on the bottom left icon of 4 ovals after. The Monster Maker should now be visible.

1) Select a body and send it as a text
2) Tap and hold to select body parts
3) Drag them onto the body that was sent
4) Enjoy!

*This app is optimized for iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7.
Release Notes: • More arms!
• More eyes!
• More mouths!
  • Great Stickers ★★★★★
    This is a great compositional sticker app allowing you to build your own monsters. The instructions lack a bit but overall a great app. The instructions do mention you have to send the monster then add parts in the following step (I assume this is a limitation of iMessage, not the app), but users tend to glance at instructions and ignore them if they sound like common sense. You may want to emphasize "SEND" or switch it to something like this: 1. *SEND* a single monster body sticker 2. Drag additional components the sent body in the conversation area (stickers do not "stick" to other unsent stickers in the Compose Message box) You may also want to include the steps to remove placed components in the instructions. 1. Long tap a sticker in the conversation window 2. Tap "Sticker Details" 3. Swipe left on the component you want to remove 4. Tap "Delete"
    By AdamCurtin for Version 1.1
  • Fun ★★★★★
    Super creative and lots of fun. Wish there were more like this
    By bluesurfkarma for Version 1.1

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