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Mr. Hedgehog Animated...

Welcome to the world of Mister Hedgehog!
Mister Hedgehog is now here in the form of completely Animated Stickers for iOS10!
Now you can send your favorite hedgehog to your favorite folks, loved ones, and buddies. He looks cool like an animated GIF, and you can stick him anywhere in your text box.
Love, Angst, Joy, Sadness, and more - you can express them all through the lovable Mister Hedgehog animated emoji stickers. Wether you're caught in the rain, sitting at the beach, celebrating a new love, or just chilling, there is a hedgehog for the occasion.
Dear Mister Hedgehog, you're so prickly and irresistible.

37 Animated Hedgehogs!
Please Rate and let Mister Hedgehog know what other poses you would like to see!

Download Mister Hedgehog Stickers for iPhone, iPad and iMessage on the App Store for iMessage!
All purchases are eligible for future updates and additional sticker uploads.

Supports iOS Version 10.0 and up.
Release Notes: 2 New Animated Stickers! Road Hog and Witch Hog! = 39 Animated Hedgehog Stickers! Rate this App and let Mister Hedgehog know what Animated Poses he should spike up next!
  • As a hedgehog owner, this is beyond cute! ★★★★★
    Love love love!! So much hedgie love and soooo cute! New hog ideas: speechless hog, contempt hog🙄 a hog with a smirk😏 and a super lazy hog.. !❤️❤️❤️
    By Cyncelia Huang for Version 2.0
  • So adorable ★★★★
    Love these stickers, Use them all the time. They are super cute. Only complaint is I wish there were more. Would love to see some more mood/reaction ones.
    By Barkbean for Version 2.0
  • So cute!!! ★★★★★
    This app has cute little pictures that I send to people all the time!! I love this app so much!!
    By Some Apps Are Awesome for Version 1.9
  • Good but ★★★★
    Don’t get me wrong I love these but I want more
    By Animals 🐓 for Version 1.9
  • So cute! ★★★★★
    I love these stickers—so cute and quirky! I just wish there were more stickers, any new hedgies would be greatly appreciated!
    By Iluvsputnik for Version 1.9
  • Mr. Hedgehog, needed in every conversation ★★★★★
    So cute and super fun. Love this collection and well worth it!
    By kcbagz for Version 1.9
  • Good but more stickers please ★★★★
    Honestly, these stickers are super cute and for the most part useful within discussions, but I wish they added more stickers much more frequently... I mean we did pay for the app.
    By abrahalm for Version 1.8
  • Lovely and cute stickers ★★★★★
    These are my favorite stickers! They’re simple and cheerful!
    By ecoangelica for Version 1.8
  • Really cute! ★★★★★
    These stickers are adorable and they are constantly adding new ones. Definitely worth the money.
    By Kyna59 for Version 1.4
  • So cute ★★★★★
    Love all the stickers, but I don't know how to get the new Christmas ones. Any help?
    By rény for Version 1.2
  • These are the best stickers! ★★★★★
    My girlfriend and I use them all the time, we'd use them in place of normal emojis all the time if there were more of them!
    By JefFyasko for Version 1.1
  • Love these so much ★★★★★
    Me and my boyfriend love these SO much. We really hope more are made, we use them all the time! Please add more emotions and situations because they're the only stickers I go out of my way to use in place of emojis. Love them!!
    By stephanne_95 for Version 1.1
  • Darling Little stickers ★★★★★
    I am delighted by these cute little stickers and hope more are forthcoming soon. Well worth the cost.
    By SF gal for Version 1.1
  • Love this artwork ★★★★★
    So cute and the animation is on point. Hope to see more!
    By Netsubx for Version 1.1
  • Super cute ★★★★★
    All of these stickers are super fun and cute, hope to see more coming soon!!!
    By 211234443445432277886 for Version 1.1

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