Merry & Bright


Animated Merry Moji...

50 holiday stickers, including 37 animated stickers! Spread Christmas cheer with cute & festive emoji. Stickers include:

Polar bear
Gingerbread man
Snow globe
Candy cane and treats
Christmas tree
Christmas cards
French bulldog in party hat
Champagne bubbles
Happy New Year

+ Many more!


TO SEND THE STICKERS (after automatic installation on iMessage)

1. Go to Messages and open a conversation with a friend

2. Tap the App button at the bottom left (looks like an “A”)

3. Tap the "Animated Merry Christmas Emoji" Penguin icon and start sending stickers!

If you don’t see the icon yet, tap the “More” button with the three dots at the bottom of the screen, next to the App (“A”) button. Tap the Penguin icon.

SCALE, ROTATE, and LAYER stickers over each other in iMessage conversations. Stickers can be placed on top of photos, videos, and chat bubbles.


We welcome any feedback. Please check back for updates!
Release Notes: New animated stickers and minor updates
  • Adorable! ★★★★★
    These stickers are so cute! Not tacky or cartoonish like a lot of other ones I saw during my search.
    By NSM_SF for Version 1.0.1

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