Jeremyville by Stickapax™

About this pack
Artist: Jeremyville
Take a trip to Jeremyville, an endless landscape within our imagination. Walk the streets and meet idiosyncratic characters that will bring intrigue and magic into your day.
Created for you with love, from Studio Jeremyville Brooklyn.

Stickapax is the new way to communicate in your messaging using art and design to help you stand out from the crowd. A wide array of the most relevant artists, designers, illustrators and creative brands at your fingertips. Paste these fun stickers anywhere in your message, hit send and prepare to surprise your friends with cool! Send something different. Wow ‘em with Stickapax!

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Release Notes: Minor bug fixes.
  • Fun! ★★★★★
    These are cool stickers. Totally give me a smile when I use them. The stickers work great!
    By PacificRy for Version 1.1
  • Different Stickers ★★★★
    Unusual looking stickers for IMessage!
    By Princess6705 for Version 1.1

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