Halo Stickers

Betcha CAN stick it! Halo universe stickers – available now on iPhone and iPad!

Every chat needs a little more Chief, and with these new stickers for iPhone and iPad you can do just that – and much, much more. Sometimes that last message to your friends and family was Perfection, sometimes it was Overkill… Either way, now you’ve got the tools to showcase which is which!
Release Notes: This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

To celebrate Halo’s 15th anniversary, we’ve updated the Halo iOS sticker pack with some legendary new ways to express yourself!
  • More sticks! ★★★★★
    Amazing app love halo , would be awesome if there was a bigger selection of stickers
    By natobro for Version 1.1
  • Love Halo ★★★★★
    Halo is my favorite game and I stayed up to 1:30 in the morning playing. I really enjoy the Halo stickers too!
    By austinbock for Version 1.1
  • Wort wort wort ★★★★★
    By westmemedank for Version 1.1
  • Add more things! ★★★★★
    You should add other SPARTANS and other species of The Covenant. These are just ideas.😎😁👍🏼👌🏼 the box around the emoji is annoying on a picture.
    By Arglo_Burn for Version 1.1
  • Yo ★★★★★
    Están bien chulos la cosa que si los puedan poner en Wharsap
    By te escribo algo for Version 1.1
  • pretty neat ★★★★
    it’s a pretty neat set of stickers but there’s no master chief default dance sticker so that’s a negative
    By default jones for Version 1.1
    By YTEricBoyGaming for Version 1.1
  • Ideas ★★★★★
    Everyone is saying they want more stickers. I agree. I was thinking we could have a Spartan that we could make it look however we want. This is just a idea I thought would be cool. This is a great app and I love it.
    By Silverstar5220 for Version 1.1
  • Very creative! ★★★★★
    Good job developers!
    By BHRogue07 for Version 1.1
  • 🎉 ★★★★★
    Random, but I love them anyway. I wish there were more. Perfect for birthday messages to the perfect people who love halo!
    By Swaganonymous for Version 1.1
  • I just got this app like a minute ago ★★★★★
    And I love it but it needs some marines and OSTs I think.
    By Hi 404 for Version 1.1
  • I can't use it ★★★★★
    Why can't I use the stickers
    By sharkinater for Version 1.1
  • Nice I like it but one thing ★★★★
    You need to update it make Locke and his team make chief and his team make more Spartans add the flood brutes elites jakels ok but other then that its great
    By How can we get it for Version 1.1
  • Awesome ★★★★
    These Stickers Are Great. Their Only Downfall Is The Fact That They Are Mostly Wearing Birthday Hats.
    By Thenooch05 for Version 1.1
  • TOO CUTE! ★★★★★
    Perfect for my cousin and I! We love Halo so much!
    By SaviAvAner for Version 1.1
  • Tnchmech ★★★★★
    You need to go to add button and activated the halo button
    By Nathaniel de la Torre for Version 1.1
  • What I think about the Halo stickers ★★★★★
    I think there are well done but I would enjoy if they were the original grunts and more spartans would be nice too. Even though I think it could be better I do enjoy them. Keep up the good work.🙂
    By Michael Lindberg for Version 1.1
  • Huh ★★★★★
    Eh 8 out of 10
    By Suicidal twin for Version 1.1
  • Nice ★★★★★
    I think the grunts look cute when you are not murdering them, so yeah it could be better but awwwwww the grunts are so cute :3 i give it a 5
    By UmbranoizX for Version 1.1
  • 5th review!! ★★★★★
    I love it 😍
    By S4ul for Version 1.1
  • 4th review! ★★★★★
    It looks okay, could be better
    By Ryen Nu for Version 1.1
  • I like it ★★★★★
    It's nice and it's funny
    By Zachattack0623 for Version 1.1
  • Awesome P.S. ★★★★★
    Lol if you say fail you probably are a cod fanboy
    By BONEXCRUSHER for Version 1.1
  • Great for a start! ★★★★
    Love the idea and is nice to see 343 doing stuff for apple now! The only problem is there isn't enough stickers, 10 isn't enough to show off halo also i was a little disappointed that it doesn't show up next to your message like in the pictures for the app, instead it shows up separately.
    By LegoTroop for Version 1.0
  • Awesome, needs more stickers ★★★★★
    Needs all vehicles and weapons please!!!!!!
    By Adam Shark for Version 1.0

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