Ferret Friend


Ferret Friends Stickers

Join the ferret friends on their journey through the ups and downs and twists and turns of life.

Drawn by Jessica Fang (http://www.jjessfang.com)
Release Notes: Updated for iOS 13
  • IN LOVE ★★★★★
    These ferret stickers are ADORABLE ! I love my pet ferrets ! And I am so excited to send these CUTE stickers to people !! PLEASE MAKE MORE !! :)
    By Gennylovesherfatfat for Version 1.1
  • Bought this for my girlfriend and I ★★★★★
    And she loves it. We need more ferret stickers!!
    By clownshoesyo for Version 1.1
  • Adorable ★★★★★
    So cute I use them all the time
    By Areyl for Version 1.1
  • Love ★★★★★
    So cute! Just a fun little add to messaging.
    By LuckyMary for Version 1.1
  • Cute little weasels ❤️ ★★★★★
    Because Ferrets!!! Dook dook
    By Zieelona for Version 1.1

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