Family Guy


Family Guy The Quest for...

After another epic battle with the giant chicken, Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog! Play for FREE and rally your favorite Family Guy characters (even Meg) to save the city in a hilarious new adventure from the writers of Family Guy. Or don’t, and regret it forever!

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT ONLY ON THE APP STORE: Play the “Fool’s Gold” quest line to help Peter realize his dream of becoming filthy rich! ONLY available for players on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices!

Game Features:

• It’s Free! Freakin’ free? Freakin’ sweet!
• Create a living Quahog that fits enjoyably in your pants
• Unlock hilarious outfits for your characters like Mermaid Peter, Bikini-Clad Quagmire, and Rambo Lois
• Send your characters on ridiculous quests
• Keep Quahog safe from pirates, evil chickens, and other invasions
• Peterfy your town with decorations such as The Petercopter, The Peterdactyl, and The Hindenpeter
• Unlock hundreds of brand new and classic animations

PS: You can play this game in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese!

PPS: Don’t forget to watch new episodes of Family Guy on Sundays - only on FOX!

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Note: This game offers in-app purchases, which may be disabled through your device settings. See for more info

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:
Release Notes: The Family Guy: Space Fam event is here, from the Writers of Family Guy!

New Additions:
Added Send All for the Gold button
Added confirmation when unlocking blocks with clams
Added SiWA

Alternate Quahog Fixes:
Stored characters fixed
Coins and Materials cost fixed
Several Performance fixed

Other Fixes:
End of Event crashes fixed
Game tracking issues fixed
  • Survey ★★★★
    I did a survey that said it would give me 13 clams but it just gave me 1 clam instead 🤔
    By RACKARACKA69 for Version 3.3.5
  • Been on the game for years, but ★★★★
    Please don’t post saying you added a “Send all to Gold” button when you didn’t!!!!!
    By GDreamer for Version 3.3.5
  • Family Guy ★★★★★
    Family Guy
    By PapaGushers for Version 3.3.5
  • Way to many promotions ★★★★★
    They give you so many promotions that just fill your quest list especially if you dont plan on spending money on this game, later on you get constant pop ups that tell u to buy this or buy that to unlock this. I LOVE the game but if they could tone it done like 65% it would make the game run better and better gameplay.
    By ToxicWasteGaming for Version 3.3.5
  • The game master number one... ★★★★★
    Dude, stop playing games and learn how to write. Focus on punctuation. You wrote one long, rambling sentence which said nothing. This game is awesome. Yes, it has had unfortunate setbacks that frustrate players, yet the developers always fix the issues. Been playing since day one and the game has certainly matured into an interactive environment with a few different environments to play in. Keep the game rolling developers!!! And thank y’all for keeping it fun. Shout out to Russian Tigger!!! Tireless lady right there!
    By Personal Break from COC for Version 3.3.5
  • Best game ever. ★★★★★
    If you’re a loyal Family Guy fan, this is for you. As an OG player from day one I really appreciate the updates and more land for my ridiculous amount of stuff. Also the writing is on point and I can hear their voices. Minus Cleveland rip. Too soon? Thank you Seth and writers for my favorite show and game. ❤️
    By Lindsayxox for Version 3.3.5
  • Better then it was ★★★★★
    A lot better then when it first came out. Just need a break between quests.
    By seehuts for Version 3.3.5
  • Doc ★★★★★
    By U so fat for Version 3.3.5
  • Clams!!! ★★★★
    I’m getting so tired of it constantly crashing!! Ugh!! It’s happening way more than normal.
    By Luckieladi0504 for Version 3.3.4
  • a little better.... ★★★★★
    the update today fixed the lagging so thank you for still crashes some tho...maybe that will get fixed in the next update...? :)
    By G1na78 for Version 3.3.4
  • Game keeps crashing ★★★★★
    Fun game at one time but now its just a pain as it continues to crash....
    By 107-274-898 for Version 3.2.0
  • I like this game ★★★★
    This is literally the only game I ever play when I have free time. I’m on level 90 I do hate that every so often after updates the game freezes up and you have to constantly re enter it or I give up playing and come back few weeks later and it’s working wish it didn’t do that so I could play it more often.
    By Valerie105 for Version 3.2.0
  • Crash ★★★★
    Can you guys fix the the game because it’s keeps on crashing on me every time I play it
    By goldenboy6198 for Version 3.2.0
  • Great game ★★★★★
    It’s just good
    By yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeėt fix it for Version 3.2.0
  • Love the game, but so many crashes, please fix it😭 ★★★★★
    Just move the camera has crashed my game
    By StolenTube02 for Version 3.2.0
  • amazing ★★★★★
    great game and i love playing. i’m on almost everyday i just totally wish that we could move buildings 360° because i could make my town look how i want it to look! please take this into consideration!
    By jaiajaijanansnam for Version 3.2.0
  • Amazing but... ★★★★★
    The game is definitely one of my favorite mobile games but, the loading time takes forever to finish, and there’s this one error about “A kid not loading in”, or something? Besides those things, it’s a amazing game.
    By Anonymous10212003 for Version 3.2.0
  • Great ★★★★★
    Great game
    By vabreu1 for Version 3.2.0
  • UPDATE ★★★★
    YESSSS I’m REALLY happy with this update. I’ve been playing the game for years and FINALLY I can just tap to get rid of things and the way to get characters.....AWESOMENESS I mean it’ll take time but it’s better then it was. Still has tht challenging feeling cause now u just play till the nxt event. I didn’t know the other one was ending lol
    By Kekikeeks for Version 3.2.0

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