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Aardman Face Bomb

Celebrate 40 years of animation history with this sticker pack of Aardman faces!

Stick them to your photos to give them a claymation makeover, or send them to your friends!

Simply drag and drop a face over the top of any photo in your conversation. Use two fingers while dragging to resize or rotate the sticker.


To use an iMessage app, go to Messages and tap on the App Store icon next to the compose field. Here you can see the iMessage apps that are installed in your app drawer.

If you don’t see an app you’ve downloaded, tap on the four-dot icon on the lower left, and then tap on the plus icon to go to the App Store for iMessage. The App Store for iMessage has three tabs: Featured, Categories, and Manage. In Manage, you can individually select "Face Bomb" to add it to your iMessage app drawer, or you can choose "Automatically Add Apps" to automatically add any apps on your device that work with iMessage to your app drawer.
Release Notes: This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Some users are reporting problems dropping the stickers into their conversations. We've reduced the file size of all the stickers which should hopefully improve performance all round. We encourage anyone still having trouble after this update to contact us via the App Support link. Thanks!
  • Has potential, needs some tweaks ★★★★★
    The stickers themselves are well designed, but it's not obvious that you can resize them a little bit by pinch and zooming (wish I could make them even bigger in some casss). I also wish that the stickers would drag out and float "above" your finger so that you can actually see where on a photo you are about to place the sticker.
    By f00fighter for Version 1.1
  • Fantastic-kers!! ★★★★★
    Just the right amount of goofy and terrifying. My favorite stickers so far. They've been working great for me on my iOS10 iPhone 6S
    By grsgrk for Version 1.1
  • Love it ★★★★★
    It's simple to use and hilarious! I can easily send a photo first and then add the faces I want on the photo :D
    By Sucyshch for Version 1.1
  • Funny ★★★★★
    This is the funniest sticker that I see.
    By M sayyar for Version 1.1
  • Thought they would be bigger ★★★★★
    Love the design tho
    By CheezeDip for Version 1.1
  • Nice concept ★★★★
    Cant be seen in iMessage
    By JEREMY NEILSEN for Version 1.1

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