Destiny Companion


Destiny 2 Companion

The official Destiny 2 Companion app keeps you connected to your Destiny adventure wherever life takes you. Sign in using PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, and Stadia.

DIRECTOR - See the latest featured content. Track your progress towards bounties, quests, and challenges. Discover what events and activities are live in the game. See your current rank for seasonal rewards, claim rewards from the previous season, and inspect vendors for what they have available.

GUARDIAN - Inspect all of your favorite weapons and armor, view item stats and perks, and move your equipment between your characters and the vault. Retrieve lost items from the Postmaster without heading to the Tower! View your Triumphs, Collections, Stat Trackers, and Game History.

CLAN - Create and manage your Clan with its own unique shared identity - or browse for an existing clan to join. Track your clan level, progress, and all shared rewards. Stay connected with your clanmates through text chat on one or more clan specific channels.

FIRETEAMS - Search and filter fireteams by activity type and find a team to play with now or create your own. The fireteam leader can send PlayStation or Xbox platform invites to quickly get everyone in the fireteam together in game.

MORE - Provides access to your profile, friends list, notifications and messages, Forums, Creations, and more!
Release Notes: Updated for the Season of the Haunted!
• Find Fireteams for the new Leviathan activities.
• Track your Game History for Zone Control and Iron Banner: Rift.
• Pick up your unclaimed rewards from the Season of the Risen.
  • Just missing a load out manager ★★★★★
    Otherwise great
    By rydell_hall for Version 6.7.0
  • Bungie ★★★★★
    I love this game a lot, it is crazy fun and beautiful, but if I don’t get vex mythoclast soon I will lose my mind. I have done Vault of Glass 100 times without vex.
    By Thereybourn for Version 6.7.0
  • Awesome ★★★★★
    Very easy, very fast, very reliable, very good very great indeed
    By matthewg64 for Version 6.7.0
  • Helpful ★★★★★
    I don’t always have to hit back to the tower to get my gear so that’s just amazing. I don’t have to wait for two loading screens to finish, I just get my gear equipped and run off to the next big thing. Great app, would recommend.
    By Killd Ur Streak for Version 6.7.0
  • The App is good for Destiny. ★★★★
    I say, this app is good for this because you can in touch with your clan, setting up plays, change the weapons on your guardian and transfer them to your other character without needed to go to tower/vault most of the time. Is also good to creat fireteams in needed doing dungeons or raids, etc. Messaging privately and so.
    By Blacky35 for Version 6.7.0
  • Vault access! ★★★★★
    I love that I can pull weapons in between things without having to go to the Tower or HELM. I would only add a feature where you can search for a gun by perk key word.
    By LiellaMelody777 for Version 6.7.0
  • Destiny ★★★★★
    “Think twice? Brother I don’t even think once” -Cayde-6
    By super prairie for Version 6.7.0
  • Amazing ★★★★★
    Makes the game very easy
    By jznsnsnsnsnsnsnsnss for Version 6.7.0
  • Good ★★★★★
    Helpful good app
    By Erreterret for Version 6.7.0
  • D2 ★★★★★
    Amazing like literally can’t live without it’s amazing for different builds and to be able to put away and take stuff from ur vault from ur phone while in a match just amazing (chefs kiss)
    By rossylook for Version 6.7.0
  • Destiny 2 app ★★★★★
    Perfect app, built for the game.
    By KetioSDSHS for Version 6.7.0
  • Best First Person Shooter😤 ★★★★★
    I been playing Destiny since Day 1. Love this game, met a lot of cool ppl along the way, and love the story line. If you have not played it, you must. Great game🙌🏾
    By RVFD_BOY07 for Version 6.7.0
  • Helpful ★★★★★
    Very helpful when I try to keep up to date and want to move items quickly. Just love how helpful the mobile app is,10/10 would recommend
    By LCMIX for Version 6.7.0
  • Uncomplicates things ★★★★★
    Makes it easy to move items, nice to have if you forget things here and there.
    By TinCanStan for Version 6.7.0
  • If you play the game you should get it ★★★★
    It helps to transfer weapons between characters and vault plus you can read TWAB’s and stuff. Good if you want to start doing all that stuff faster
    By I_don't_want_a_username for Version 6.7.0
  • Get it ★★★★★
    IF you play Destiny 2, this app is a life saver
    By Wonkru skikru for Version 6.6.4
  • Bee-rry good ★★★★★
    This app is a buzz of fun. I was oh so such a busy bee. Destiny is the pollen to my flower. The guns are such sweet nectar. Let’s bee friends. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
    By boxystarfish157 gamer for Version 6.6.4
  • Destiny 2 ★★★★★
    Destiny 2
    By e.walker.01 for Version 6.6.4
  • Group Text-Chat for Fireteams ★★★★★
    There really needs to be a group text chat for fireteams mostly raid teams for teammates to send guides and pictures of raid material and info without having to use a third party application like discord or the PlayStation app. Would be nice to see this added.
    By Lil FiXXX for Version 6.6.4
  • Destiny 2 ★★★★★
    This is a great app, and you can even see a 3D model of your Guardian, which is very cool.
    By Mad Max 931 for Version 6.6.4
  • Wonderful app ★★★★★
    Great companion app, it’s very helpful.
    By YSL Sweater for Version 6.6.4
    If you’re a Destiny gamer, this will save you so much time. From vault access, swapping weapons from character to character, to finding out latest news regarding the game and events. If you play Destiny, this is what you need to keep on Shootin’ 🔥
    By JustDaddy.1 for Version 6.6.4
  • A+ App! Love the convenience ★★★★★
    Love this app it makes gameplay that much easier to play.
    By Fjc a1c for Version 6.6.4
  • Really helpful ★★★★★
    This app is really helpful to transfer stuff and it is really easy to operate.
    By lakskslc for Version 6.6.4
  • Good for match making ★★★★★
    Good for match making
    By t thewhiteninja173 for Version 6.6.4

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