Dancing Food

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Dancing Food

Animated! Dancing! Food! This dancing food is gyrating, pulsing, sizzling, all up in your chat. Hungry? Use dancing food. Jamming? Use dancing food. Late night? Use dancing food. Don’t just stand there, bust a food!
Release Notes: This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

We’ve rebuilt the stickers outside of Xcode to "future proof" the set against any changes to upcoming versions of xCode that could affect their functionality. We’ve also reintroduced a favorite from version 1.0 into the mix.
  • Litty ★★★★★
    By The D_D for Version 1.2
  • Dancing food. ★★★★★
    Whaaaaaat dancing food!!!!! Anyway this app is good and I think these people are different sticker makers than others.
    By Jonas84destroy for Version 1.2
  • Tastefully creepy ★★★★★
    I wasn't even going to bother with these stickers, but this app convinced me to join the fun. They dance so horribly awkward.
    By Mr. Bohemian for Version 1.1
  • So Much Fun..and Lots of Laughs..for 99 Cents ★★★★★
    LOVE this sticker pack! I read another review about a Twerking Peach?!? Bring it back, please!
    By Mblair1013 for Version 1.1
  • Money Well Spent ★★★★★
    I spam everyone I know with these. They're perfect for everything! I demand more!
    By LazyOtaku4Life for Version 1.1
  • I love these! ★★★★★
    Too cute! Especially the sriracha one! I just wish there were more.
    By adalto10 for Version 1.1
  • Hilarious ★★★★★
    This is easily my favorite sticker pack! Hands down! All of the animations are hilarious.
    By MrPokey for Version 1.1

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