Clyde Stickers


Clyde Stickers

For when you want to send a silly doodle face instead of plain old text, Clyde is your dude. With 42 different expressions, words, and symbols, there are options for any conversation!

Download Clyde Stickers today! To be used on the iPhone, iPad and iMessage. You can find them on the App Store for iMessage.

How to use iMessage Stickers:
• Open a message with a friend
• Clyde's icon should show up at the bottom, if it doesn't, tap the App Store icon next to the message box.
• Tap Clyde's icon and you're good to go.

Check it! You can peel and place them on anything in your conversation – bubbles, images, or even other stickers. Make an army of Clydes.

All purchases will update as the app does.
Release Notes: 6 new expressions!
  • Clyde is like my best friend of the sticker world ★★★★★
    There is a Clyde for each and every one of my emotions. Clyde has become critical to my ability to express myself. whenever my heart is overcome with an emotion I ask: “Which Clyde am i right now?” If we’re being honest, I usually identify with one of the disgruntled or frustrated looking Clydes. If i’m unsure, I simply start a conversation with the one Clyde who has his hands up in the air, because i feel as though that Clyde is a natural cheerleader and will support me no matter what. Some people may think I’m crazy for talking to a sticker illustration, but i say you’re a bit oblivious if you don’t see that there’s a Clyde in each and every one of us. Top-notch sticker set, A+!
    By ontheboundonthebound for Version 1.0
  • Fun!! ★★★★★
    Cute stickers!
    By penny-k-123355 for Version 1.0
  • Awesome! ★★★★★
    Fun app with the cutest stickers for messages!
    By morgan171717 for Version 1.0
  • Love it! ★★★★★
    So cute and sassy.
    By karen-sue-23 for Version 1.0
  • Cute and fun ★★★★★
    Clyde is a charming set of hand drawn stickers with subtle animation! Perfect for every mood—love them!
    By fionamfoster for Version 1.0

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