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Cat Stamp! Cute Stickers of...

What better way to say anything than with cute cat stickers! Cat Stamp has 24 high quality cat stickers with emotions ranging from happy to grumpy and everything in between.

To use the app, simply open up iMessage and tap the "app" icon and then drag the stickers on to messages.

These cat stickers are hand-crafted from photos of the finest cats in the world. Marvel at the cat cuteness and share your cat emotions with your friends and loved ones.

Meet the kitties, in order of appearance:

1) Haroun, a rambunctious bengal with a curiosity unmatched amongst his feline brethren.

2) Lupin, a domestic longhair with a killer smile.

3) Turbo, domestic shorthair. This kitty is unfortunately paralyzed from waist down, but definitely holds his own in the snug life.

4) Haroun again, this time getting loud and excited for all his crazy cat nip.

5) Tim, aka Timbo, aka Timbooooooooooooo! A persian with a knack for licking indiscriminantly and singing opera.

6) Haroun again again! Haroun just had lunch.

7) Boop, not your average domestic shorthair kitten. He’s just derpin’ it at this point.

8) Jean-luc, Cat Stamp’s resident domestic shorthair ginger, is piloting the Starship Kitterprise into the deepest unknowns of the galaxy of our hearts.

9) Seymour, america’s favorite exotic shorthair, looking shocked after just seeing that which can not be unseen.

10) Timbo again! His human is the developer of this app. He appears twice because favoritism.

11) Una. THE scottish fold. Like seriously, look at that face. Such a punim!

12) Maccha, scottish fold and super famous internet cat. She’s leering at you because she knows what you did last summer.

13) Una once more. She also lives with Timbo and the human that does computers. She gets special treatment too :)

14) Finn, a teeny tiny domestic shorthair kitten. Finn’s head was cut out from a picture where he was literally in bath bubbles resting in a human’s hand.

15) Ray, exotic shorthair extraordinaire. Ray is upset because you didn’t like the dead bird she brought you. Shame on you.

16) Haroun... again? Haroun doesn’t like the dad joke you just told, hence the world’s most epic eye roll.

17) Aragon, a domestic shorthair tabby. Too cool for school with his killer shades.

18) This cat was so angry we didn’t ask its name. We knew better.

19) Seamus, a bright orange exotic shorthair. Seamus is judging you. Hard.

20) Pudge, a gloriously patterned-fur exotic shorthair / super duper famous internet cat. Pudge thinks you said something dumb. Pudge lets you know with all the little hairs on her chinny chin chin.

21) Meet Zelda, a tortoiseshell cat. Like a turtle. Only faster.

22) Grendel, a bengal and voted most likely to be a really angry kitty by his high school class, has that perfect sneer only a mother could love.

23) Grendel again, even angrier. Like, how is that possible.

24) And finally Shoyu, a siamese cat that looks like he’s about to chomp your fingers off, is actually the gentlest soul in the world (we just caught him sneezing!).

Lastly, all photography is by the infamous Cat Man of Instagram (@iamthegreatwent), Andrew Marttila, and this app was painstakingly stickerfied for your enjoyment by Copter Labs.

Thanks for checking us out and have fun sharing our stickers!
Release Notes: This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Updated Icon! Furry Feline Fun!
  • Adorable!! ★★★★★
    These cats are sooooo adorable!!!
    By KG7UAT for Version 1.02
  • Cute cats ★★★★★
    Kind of fun.
    By TomParker3150 for Version 1.02
    OMG these are the Cutest Kittehs, THANK YOU for the Jan. 30th download! I wouldn’t have looked at them, but BMG told me about it and I Simply ADORE these little creatures you’ve created! ... I admit to a second of confusion before I too realized that Duh, they’re Stickers! I’ll certainly tell my f&f about these and your other stickers, too!
    By cantrecallmyname for Version 1.02
  • Buggy ★★★★
    At first I thought I got ripped off as the stickers did not so up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it did not work. What did work was restarting my device. Once I restarted, the stickers finally loaded. Still, buyer beware!
    By Octobermom0103 for Version 1.02
  • Cats do show up! ★★★★★
    Check the little app icon in iMessage, they're there 😻😻😻
    By thedotmack for Version 1.02
  • For all you "won't install people" ★★★★★
    It doesn't show up as an app, it goes directly into iMessage. Think emoji. Hit the arrow next to where to type, then the little "app" icon. Oh look! There they are! working and cute as hell. It'd be chill if you learned how to use the update before you started giving something that works just fine, bad reviews. smh
    By Miss Meesh for Version 1.01
  • App is fine ★★★★★
    For those of you who can't find the app, it is there, believe me. There is no app, however, but you can find the cat stamps and select them in the text message app. Tap the art symbol at the top of the keyboard and click on the four dots on the bottom left. The cat stamps will appear.
    By Trixie bop for Version 1.01
  • Says Installed But No Where To Be Found ★★★★★
    It will not show the app itself on my iPhone home screen BUT when you go to send a message click on the APP Symbol and the 4 little circles and it will pop up there!! PURfect for any cat lover!! Love it 😻
    By Brooke0502 for Version 1.01
  • Won't download app! ★★★★★
    I paid for the app but it won't download it. It says it's installed but isn't on my phone! Help!! I really want to use this app it looks so cute! 😻
    By sugar fueled for Version 1.01
  • Cat DANK! ★★★★★
    Emanating with emotions these cat stamps are freaking awesome! I love to express my emotions through cats. These adorable kitties express just about every emotion a human can experience! My favorite is the Persian...Tim!!!
    By Bah-Ama for Version 1.01
  • easy fun. ★★★★★
    there's a cat face for virtually every essential human emotion. kinda fun using this to surprise those with IOS10 with these new iMessage toys. bonus: the cat photos themselves are exceptionally high quality.
    By UsernameMatt for Version 1.01
  • LOVE IT ★★★★★
    Finally, I can cover all my messages with a kitten sticking his tongue out. I am stoked!!! The photos are beautiful and the app works great. Thank you! ❤️
    By Hxvx for Version 1.0
  • The. Best. Ever. ★★★★★
    This app is puuuurfect! I don't know how I ever survived life before Cat Stamp.
    By J. Awesome 9457310 for Version 1.0
  • RT ★★★★★
    Great App! This is a must for all Cat lovers.
    By ITRCEO for Version 1.0
  • Fantastic faces !! ★★★★★
    My favorite one is the frown and also the grumpy cat . They also have one with eyes rolled- sort of look which is great bcz the normal emoticons don't come with one . Really great app can't wait for my mom to get on iPhone with this!!! We are both cat lovers
    By Mhhww89665547 for Version 1.0

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