Annotate Pack


Annotate Pack

This is an updated redux of annotation symbols, editing devices, and random imagery to mess around with in your messages.

Drawings include editorial marks, scribbles, and notes to assure your tone...

Just drag and drop into and onto your Messages!

Pack includes:
Scribbles to replace, remove, and mess with words.
Circles, arrows, underlines, and punctuation for emphasis.
Stars. sketches, doodles, flags, marks, clouds... you get the idea.

Sketched phrases include:
literal, figurative, no, nope, redundant, sp?, Tone=Sarcasm, Tone=Irony, ummmmmmmm, wrong, no reply necessary, no more personal responses, awkward silence, and many more...

Release Notes: The original Annotate sticker pack is on Version 2.1! Thank you for purchasing the app, the response has been incredible! We added even more images to edit and tweak your conversations, bringing it up to over 160 images. The stickers are now organized based on content and much easier to locate.
  • Organic and fun hand drawn stickers ★★★★★
    These are so different from 99% of the sticker packs currently available. I love how seamlessly these integrate into my messages. The fact that these are hand drawn by a well known artist is the icing on the cake. Highly recommend!
    By DesignTypeCHI for Version 1.2
  • Adds Great Aesthetic ★★★★★
    Very usable. No glitches. Stickers can be placed specifically where you want them in regards to text. I'd use one on this review if I could.
    By Annotation User for Version 1.0

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