Aminal Stickers

This pack of iMessage stickers features a TON of charming Aminals (note: it's Aminals not Animals)! 250+ iMessage Stickers total right now for free and even more available for purchase to make the total over 400 stickers!! There are so many Aminal Stickers, I guarantee you'll love at least one of them!

Stick these cute stickers on your iMessages to add a bit more character to your texts or to bother someone who hates stickers/animals!

Stickers can be sent as an individual messages or drag and dropped onto existing iMessages. And if you use Whatsapp, they can used on WhatsApp too!

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Etsy Store Name: aminalstickers
Release Notes: Hello!
- Updated the seasonal tab to have the Winter Stickers on top
- Added a new Hippo sticker in the original tab
- Added a Thank You Otter in the text tab

Happy Holidays everyone!
  • Wolves ★★★★
    I love all the stickers I just wish there were more wolf ones
    By Wolf Lover1160 for Version 5.6.8
  • Love these stickers!!!! ★★★★★
    Thank you for all of the free stickers! They are super cute and I always find what I am looking for. I love the seasonal sticker of the Kangaroo bouncing up and down with the Santa hat!! Thank you again!!!!!
    By FL_FSU_GIRL for Version 5.6.8
  • Nice ★★★★★
    Very nice stickers
    By h,brrhmm, for Version 5.6.8
  • These are really good stickers but ★★★★★
    These stickers are really useful but I wish you didn’t have to pay to get all of them I use them a lot other then that they are really good stickers I recommend them
    By 12345678910 Elmo for Version 5.6.8
  • So cute and I love the search ★★★★★
    These are great and I actually use them because of the super handy search bar. Only once have I been unable to find a sticker to match my mood. (Hummingbird excitedly drinking coffee if you take requests) Thanks!!!
    By sbvaughan for Version 5.6.8
  • Cool ★★★★★
    By Miguel.espinoza for Version 5.6.8
  • So cute!!! ★★★★★
    I love these stickers! They are cute and funny, and I like that the non-premium ones are as good as the premium ones! I use this everyday with my friends. We even created a code language with it. P.S, Could you add the “Walter the dog” meme? My friends love that meme so much and we would like to see it on Aminal.
    By Wonder_rules Auggie_rules for Version 5.6.8
  • Few ideas from cinabon ★★★★
    Hey Ronnie I would love for you to make a Biewer terrier saying I love you And maybe a Persian cat that’s saying where are you sort of like he’s lost but yeah this app is great I love it but I would love if my dog coco was in it.she’s a white Yorkie
    By littlekitty911 for Version 5.6.8
  • Grilled guava ★★★★
    By grilled guava for Version 5.6.8
  • Not that bad ★★★★★
    All need anamation
    By jdydhfkcgdjxydhcjvhdn for Version 5.6.8
  • Issues sending ★★★★
    A couple of the turtle stickers have issues being sent for some reason. It started happening awhile ago and it’s real annoying.
    By Hehgo for Version 5.6.8
  • Love them ★★★★★
    Love them
    By Fun_down_there for Version 5.6.8
  • Best ★★★★★
    Best stickers ever
    By !$@* for Version 5.6.8
  • Best stickers ever!!! ★★★★★
    So much fun to use in messages and so many stickers!!! Love love love!!!
    By sleepy pooh bear for Version 5.6.8
  • So good ★★★★★
    This stickers are so good I use them for everything. You can send everything. They have a million of options
    By AK😜🤣yep for Version 5.6.8
  • Cute ★★★★★
    I think there should be free Mother’s Day stickers
    By pigigpro for Version 5.6.8
  • Awesome ★★★★★
    I really love using these stickers they are so fun. 😜😎🤩
    By The Review Leopord for Version 5.6.8
  • Love ‘em ★★★★★
    These are so cute UWUWUWUWUWUWU
    By EggoGamer54 for Version 5.6.8
  • Good! ★★★★
    Really good, just wish there were more free stickers instead of having to purchase them
    By Tlmdye for Version 5.6.8
  • Love it ★★★★★
    Lots to choose from.
    By Femme2luv for Version 5.6.8
  • Where the Spring Sticjer ★★★★
    I see the other season sticker but not Spring.
    By Lumowell for Version 5.6.8
  • Increase size of sticker overlay. ★★★★
    The stickers are cute and give an array of options for most conversational interjections. HOWEVER. When wanting to use one in connection with a text, you have to practically cover up the text with the sticker. Making the “sticker” identity almost worthless. Increase the size of the image overlay, so that when placing it upon an individual text, you can still read the text. Fix this and you’ll get a well deserved 5 star rating.
    By Addicted6996 for Version 5.6.8
  • Awesome! ★★★★★
    Stickers are great and funny. I recommend them! Only thing is I couldn’t find a laughing one, but I am probably dumb and just didn’t see it!
    By JudoGino for Version 5.6.8
  • 1 ★★★★★
    By sturm no more for Version 5.6.8
  • I love this app:) ★★★★★
    These are so cute
    By catcatmat for Version 5.6.8

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