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Introducing Sticker List

Sticker List curates and features the most fun, original, and expressive new stickers each day. We showcase artists and brands to promote and share their premium content. With articles, artist profiles, and tutorials, we help artists create and publish their own stickers.

Our goal is simple: to connect the world's best artists and brands with the right audience.

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Sticker List was founded by Amelia and Christian Moore. As app designers and developers, they were getting a lot of interest in publishing sticker packs for iMessage and Facebook. After publishing several sticker packs, they realized some issues with the distribution and discoverability of stickers. It was very difficult to discover great quality stickers.

After analyzing the App Store and discovering there were over 20,000 stickers available, an idea was formed to create a platform to better organize, present, and promote great stickers while making it very simple for anyone to publish.

iMessage Stickers alone have grown over 1200% since the launch of iOS10 in September. With this tremendous growth in the sticker market, we are an essential portal for both artists and consumers.

The Process

Everything on Sticker List is hand curated in-house and we take great pride in carefully selecting the most fun, expressive, and original stickers. We work with artists, companies, and individuals to publish their own sticker packs. Taking care of all the details from packaging to publishing, optimization, protection, and promotion.

Sticker Publishing in 3 Steps

Events & Press

Initial Launch Features - February 2017

  • Publish - Users can now publish their own stickers. NEW
  • Stickers & Lists - Explore, upvote, and share new stickers.
  • Mailing List - Weekly summaries of new and exciting stickers.

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We provide .svg and .png versions of our logo and mark for certain uses below. We ask you to respect our branding guidelines and not alter the logo in any way, shape or form. Our main brand color is: #B17ED6 which pairs nicely with our base colors. Download Assets.

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How to write our name:

It's pretty simple; Sticker List. The "S" and "L" in Sticker List are always capitalized. "Sticker" and "List" are always separated by a space. Some examples of how to not spell Sticker List: StickerList, stickerlist, Sticker list, Stickerlist etc.




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