How To Use iMessage Stickers

Although it has been half year since launch, the new iMessage Store still remain a myth to many iPhone users. It is not uncommon to come across posts like “Where are the stickers!?”. This is unfortunate for sticker developers as it often leads to negative reviews. This is further explored by Adam Howell in his article “Is the iMessage App Store dying or already dead?”


It is not until recently, with Apple’s new commercial Sticker Fight going viral, that many people finally discovered this hidden gem. Yes, it almost feels like that there is a goldmine underneath your house and you somehow just learned about it.


We have received several emails and reviews with similar questions:
“Where is this iMessage Store?” and “How do I use stickers?”


We hope Apple will resolve these issues later this year, until then we are happy to share with you some easy to follow tutorials for these common questions:

How to use stickers?

How to access iMessage Store?

How to view installed stickers?

How to manage your sticker apps?


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