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We help artists, companies and individuals publish their stickers. Taking care of all the details from creation to publishing and promotion, we help turn your idea into reality.

The new iMessage App Store within the iOS10 platform unlocked the hidden potential in iMessaging. With billions of iMessage users worldwide, stickers can make a huge impact while making your digital communication more human and expressive. Read the guidelines to learn more.

Take a look at the best sticker packs featured on the App Store and identify the category where your sticker pack belongs. Create your stickers in a stylish and practical way. If you want any help or advice, feel free to drop us a message at contact form.

  1. Create Art
    Design and put your assets in the templates we provide.
  2. Upload Assets
    Use our online form to describe your app and upload art.
  3. Get Paid
    We make payments of sales monthly via Paypal or Wire.


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