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Stickers play a very important role within text messaging. People are getting bored of dull, lifeless messages and are always looking for new cheerful ways to express their feelings in real time. Stickers, in this sense, help to convey emotions and bring people closer. Being either used as an icebreaker or a peace maker, stickers not only bring texts to life but also created a new opportunity for brand marketers.


As app designers and developers, we are getting a lot of interest in publishing sticker packs for iMessage, Line and Facebook. After publishing several sticker packs for customers, we realized some major issues with the distribution and discoverability of stickers. It was very difficult to discover good quality stickers and users were having a hard time finding the stickers even after installing.


“When you type in a keyword in iMessage store, you don’t always get good results. A lot of them don’t show up. That’s why many really good stickers are buried. That’s a shame.”


After running statistical analysis on the App Store and discovering there were over 20,000 stickers available, we formed an idea to create a platform to better organize, present, and promote great stickers while making it very simple for anyone to publish. The tremendous growth in the sticker market in the past 6 months is very encouraging:


  • Sept. 2016 – iOS 10 Launched (~1,600 Stickers )
  • Feb. 2017 – Sticker List Launch (~20,000 Stickers)


“Discover fun and creative stickers daily, that’s the goal.”


We are very excited to present Sticker List – a highly curated list for finding the best stickers. With helpful articles, resources, and tutorials, we introduce you to this new expressive marketing medium. And by connecting the world’s best artists and brands with the right audience, we are also here to help publish and promote your own stickers.


We are excited to share the best stickers with you!



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